Imogene Grant

Meet the Author

Imogene Grant, a master of literature and creativity.

A loving mother of four, Imogene Grant worked hard as an nurse for 40 years to support her family. As her children grew older and began their own lives, Grant was left to herself. To maintain her sanity, she began to write. Below is her collection of books she has already published or is under the process of getting published.

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Champagne and Dram of Poison: Remember What Was

6 men with Greed, Violence, and Deceit swindling millions.


Upcoming Books

Greedy men rise with power after the massacre of choice real estate. Blind with rage and injustice, the only possible recourse became known. Revenge.

Kassi Knight, a singer married to Peter Dehaven carries a pistol.


Latest Publications

Dangerous Compulsion is the story of four generations of the Deveraux family that encompassed the years between the Civil War and 1977. The story was told from a different perspective.

The story of an orphaned African American boy who grew up and suffered the ups and downs of discrimination in this country. After working hard he went to the top in Tennis in the world. He was helped by an injured player, his Aunt and Uncle along with other followers in the world.

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